What Makes Us Different?

The Good Contractors List is not just an advertising venue for contractors. We are a one-of-a-kind service designed to truly protect the people that use the list. You may find some elements of what we do on other referral sites, like background checks and insurance requirements, but there is not a company that does exactly what we do.


You can get insurance for your car, you can get insurance for your home and health, but there is not a company ANYWHERE (until now) that protects you from a contractor doing a bad job. The best you can do if you don't feel their work is up to par is report them to the BBB (which doesn't mean the problem will be fixed) or go write a bad review. The Good Contractors List protects you from low quality work and hiring the type of company that will rip you off through deceptive practices or price gouging. There is nothing like The Good Contractors List anywhere and we can't be compared to Angie's List or HomeAdvisor that only present reviews..

We meet all of our contractors face-to-face and they go through an extensive personal interview process.

We background check them both personally and business to make sure they have a solid reputation legally and financially.

We look at things like the contractor's overhead (which affects their rates) and the sales tactics they use when meeting with clients. We will have NO high pressure / high fear sales tactics or they will be removed from the list.

We assign call tracking numbers to every contractor and record the calls that come through our website.

We LISTEN to every call that comes in from beginning to end to ensure the highest level of accountability.

We call back every single homeowner that calls one of our contractors, to make sure they are being taken care of properly.

If there are issues, we get physically involved and will find a resolution. We will even come to your home with multiple professionals if the complaint gets to that point.

If the contractor is unable to complete the project as promised, The Good Contractors List will intervene and pay up to $10,000 to get it completed to your satisfaction!

We can do this, because we are so selective. Our contractors are well-established, reasonably priced, and care a LOT about their customers and their reputations. We are proud to have every one of them and feel confident in their quality and integrity. If by chance we make a mistake in our choice, we can determine that quickly and remove them from the list.

You can feel safe and confident when hiring any contractor on our list...We Guarantee it!!