How it Works

When you choose a contractor from our list, we protect you by backing your project with a $10,000 guarantee!

What We Do:

1. We fully vet each contractor on our list.

  1. We meet each of our contractors face to face, and they go through an extensive personal interview process.
  2. We background check not only the business, but also the contractor personally, to make sure they have a solid reputation legally and financially.
  3. We look at things like the contractor's overhead and the sales tactics they use when meeting with clients. Contractors that use high pressure/fear tactics will be removed from our list.

2. We protect homeowners from contractors that would do a bad job.

  1. Our contractors are well-established and care a lot about their customers and their reputations. We are proud to have every one of them and feel confident in their quality and integrity.
  2. If by chance we make a mistake in our choice, we can determine that quickly and remove them from the list.

3. We step in if a homeowner needs us.

  1. If you don’t feel that a contractor's work was up to par, typically the best you can do is report them to the BBB, or go write a bad review. With The Good Contractors List, you have someone that will get involved on your behalf to seek resolution. We will even come to your home with multiple professionals if necessary.
  2. If the contractor is unable to complete the project as promised, The Good Contractors List will intervene and pay up to $10,000 to get it completed to your satisfaction!

What You Do:

1. Register For Free

  1. Registering as a homeowner on our website will ensure that your project is covered by our $10,000 guarantee when you hire a contractor from our list.
  2. Registration is quick, easy, and completely free. We have no hidden costs, and we aren’t selling your information to contractors.

2. Find a Trusted Contractor

  1. Simply choose the type of project you are interested in, and enter your zip code. A list of GOOD contractors in your area will appear.

3. Start your Project

  1. You can call or email contractors directly from our website.