When you use The Good Contractors List® (TGCL) network of high integrity contractors you are no longer alone and unprotected. We are here for you and you have an advocate that is ready and willing to make sure you never get taken advantage of again.

We NEED Your Feedback!

Although we do not provide reviews, (there are plenty of those websites out there) we do guarantee the quality and integrity of our contractors. If for any reason you were not happy with how you were treated, or felt you were being high pressured, then we need to hear from you! TGCL contractors all understand that if they participate in high pressure, high fear, or unethical sales tactics, that they will be removed from the list. There are too many good companies out there that will bend over backwards to do the right thing, to be providing our valuable service to someone who does not deserve it. We believe we have found many of those contractors that will always do the right thing, but if they don't meet your expectations then we need to know! You also need to let them know from the initial phone call that you found them on The Good Contractors List®. Accountability really does matter!

What we are looking for in a homeowner!

It may be strange to say, but we are looking for a particular type of customer for our contractors. The types of customers we are looking for will have the same honesty and integrity as our contractors. They will understand that to ensure the best possible outcome with their home service needs they have to pay a fair and honest rate. Our contractors are nowhere near the most expensive, but they are not going to be the cheapest you can find either. They all provide the highest quality work, are always licensed where required, and are completely insured for your protection. So, we believe they deserve the same qualities in the homeowners that they themselves provide. We also want the type of customer that realizes that mistakes are a part of life and will allow the contractor the courtesy of handling any issues that may arise before blasting bad reviews on the review sites. If problems arise between you and one of our contractors, we want to get involved. A bad review does not help you get your problem solved, which is why The Good Contractors List® network of high integrity contractors is here! We get involved and find the truth.