The Good Contractors List is an amazing resource, but the story behind The Good Contractors List is even more amazing. It is a story of how God used a broke and broken man to offer a story of hope.

The purpose of The Good Contractors List is to help people find great contractors that will not take advantage of the homeowner, but the heart of The Good Contractors List is that it will be used as a platform that will help people find a deeper relationship with God. The story of how The Good Contractors List came into existence is a true miracle and proves that it is never too late to be used for GOOD, even when you don't have a clue how that will happen.

The story is also a very honest look into the mind of someone who has had a hard time with Christianity and some of the beliefs that is considered to be a must in order to be a 'real' Christian. Some people are extremely confident in what they believe, while others have questions that keep them from committing to anything. Sometimes consistent failure and bad decisions make us think that we are just not meant to be used for anything good or even have a relationship with God. I hope people can see by the end of this book that it is possible to love God and still not be confident in what they know in their minds.

The title of this E-Book is "Loving God Without All The Answers: Hope for Even Me" and it is my prayer that as The Good Contractors List grows, that it will grow into a platform of hope for people as they read and hear about the great miracle that brought it into existence.