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Dalworth Clean is one of the longest standing contractors in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. They are one of the most loved and respected carpet cleaners period and we understand why. James Smith started Dalworth Carpet Cleaning in 1976 out of the back of an Oldsmobile Cutlass. Over the years he stayed true to his goal of providing the best customer service possible at fair and honest rates.

For a company that does large volumes of work, they do not treat their customers like a number. We found that their infrastructure was amazing to say the least. Every technician is paid based on how well the customer responded, not simply on how much they could sell them. They have a survey system that will give their technicians a "score" and if they don't maintain excellent scores in every area, they are not going to be around long. They carry this internal review system to the maximum and every employee that interacts with a customer has the opportunity to earn "WOW" points. Members of their phone staff have cashed in Wow Points to win prizes they give out to their overachievers. Needless to say, every element of his business model is geared toward one thing and one thing only....Make the customer as happy as they possibly can be. As with any company, they are not perfect, but they always work very hard to solve any issues that may arise. Feel free to check out their reviews at the review sites and you will quickly see that they are a favorite among carpet cleaners.