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Williamson Foundation Repair

Williamson Foundation Repair is one of the longest standing foundation companies in the DFW area and has built a reputation that is second to none. Roger Williamson started his company in 1985 and has a philosophy that we really like here at The Good Contractors List. The foundation repair industry is known for overselling as it is really easy to show the homeowner where they need more piers. Williamson Foundation Repair makes it clear that they are not here to sell piers, but to find the issue and the proper solution whether it is foundation repair or not. They present to the homeowner a solution that will give them exactly what they need and not what they can trick someone into buying. There have been many times that they were able to make suggestions to the homeowner that ended up costing the homeowner absolutely nothing.

Williamson Foundation Repair can give the homeowner options when it comes to foundation repair, because they are professionals at all 3 major piering systems and they provide a lifetime warranty on all piers installed. Something unique is that with Williamson Foundation Repair you do not have to "transfer" the warranty when you move. Many foundation repair companies will do a lifetime transferrable warranty and if you don't transfer it in a certain period of time, then the warranty is voided. Williamson Foundation Repair's warranty goes with the home no matter who owns it. They also don't have a different department that handles warranty issues. They put warranty issues on the same level as new installations, so you aren't going to have to wait extra long for a warranty problem to be solved. They work on concrete slab foundations, pier-and-beam foundations, and screeted slab foundations. They also design and install drainage improvement systems utilizing area drain boxes, French drains, modified French drains, and sump pumps.The bottom line is they are on the level when it comes to foundation repair and stand behind their work. We believe you will be extremely pleased with the work provided by Williamson Foundation Repair.