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The Good Contractors List has chosen AE Garage Door & Gate to represent us for garage door & gate repairs and replacements. Since 1988, AE Garage Door & Gate has been taking care of garage door & gate clients with integrity and quality. Their passion for integrity has led them down many roads that most garage door & gate companies would not go. In the garage door & gate industry it is common place to operate their companies with gimmicks and high-pressure sales tactics, but AE has chosen to do it the right way. They have satisfied clients all across the Dallas / Fort Worth area and are an incredible asset to The Good Contractors List.

When we met with them, they could see our own passion for integrity and took ownership of what we were doing. They immediately jumped right in and helped us locate contractors in their own field to help us maintain the level of integrity we were trying to produce. Their statement was - We know who has a good reputation in this industry and we only want our names associated with the GOOD guys. That is our feelings exactly and hope that we are able to proudly display all of our contractors with little to no objections in our choice.